Patents on industrial design of double flexible packaging


We are a team of young people from Ukraine, Kiev. The idea of creating a double flexible packaging was born at a time when we realized that the trend of duality of packaging is growing in the world, and that doy-pack as the cheapest and easiest to use is ideally suited for the implementation of this project. Now we are working far beyond patenting the process of manufacturing double flexible packaging, as well as registering trademarks for dual products in different countries around the world.

To date, patents on the industrial design flexible packaging for two products have been obtained in countries such as China, the European Union, Ukraine. Until the end of 2018, patents are expected to be received in the United States, India, Russia, Turkey and Egypt. We are considering proposals on the joint patenting of this industrial design from partners in other countries...


The essence of the patent for a double flexible packaging


Purpose and scope of industrial design

It is to describe appearance of the invention intended for household use for packaging, storage, transportation, distribution and use of liquid, gel, paste and other viscous products, and the appearance that will identify the invention of the owner of the industrial design and add esthetically artistic features to the invention as well as make it comprehensible in order to create a visual image, which is easy to remember.


List of images

      Appearance of the described invention is presented in the figures where:

1.1. General view

Запатентовано Гриценко Александром

1.2. Front view

 Запатентовано Гриценко Александром

 1.3. Side view 

 Запатентовано Гриценко Александром

1.4. Top view

 Запатентовано Гриценко Александром

1.5. Bottom view

  Запатентовано Гриценко Александром   

Essence and essential features of the flexible packaging for two products

The essence of the industrial design is characterized by the decision on the original form and construction of the invention "Pouches for packaging, storage, transportation, distribution and use of liquid, gel, paste and other viscous products," which allows simultaneous or successive withdrawal of products from two different hermetically sealed tanks through two separate holes by mechanical action on the industrial design itself. This construction allows the consumer to use this industrial design in a combined form instead of several separate products in different pouches. Thus, the connection between the appearance of an industrial design and its construction gives it an individual character when compared with other existing industrial designs.

A shape of the invention is three-dimensional (Fig. 1.1., General view), and is formed by two rectangular vertically elongated plates (Fig. 1.2., Front view), fastened on the upper and lateral sides with each other, while the plates are concave to the opposite side of each other in such a way that they form a space that is used to store the products.

On the side, the double flexible packaging is trapezium shaped, divided in the middle by the line of the front and back pouch side fastening (Fig. 1.3, Side view). This shape of the invention (extension from the top to the bottom) is due to the convexity of the front and back parts of the packaging resulting from the presence of liquid, gel, paste and other viscous products inside of it.

In the center of the upper line of fastening of the rectangular plates there are two round holes, which are constructed to remove the contents from the pouch. There are two cylindrical necks with thread, constructed for convenience of the caps tightening, which comes from these holes (Fig. 1.4., Top view).

The lower sides of the side plates are interconnected by means the bottom of the pouch (Fig. 1.5., Bottom view). At the same time, the bottom part of the invention is the most extended, since the largest volume of the product is exactly at the bottom of the pouch. This form makes the invention stable. The bottom of the pouch is in the form of a horizontally stretched oval (Fig. 1.5, Bottom view), flattened at the extreme right and left points, due to the fastening of the front and back plates (forming walls of the product) in these places. In the middle of the oval there is a line that divides it into two identical parts, which reproduces the internal separation of the package in order to fill the various products at the same time.

The color is not an essential feature of the invention. The original shape and texture of the appearance of the invention are aesthetic and aimed at attracting customers' attention. Modification of the form, texture and decorative design of the appearance of the invention avoids chaos in the perception of the object, distinguishing the invention from a number of similar ones.


Applicability of the industrial design to industrial implementation

      The described form of double flexible packaging a complete visual image, and can be manufactured in mass production.

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